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 HC-7039B(HD-SDI Multiprocessor)
수량 :

This product is Discontinued.
Please examine the succession and the alternative goods selection.


「Outline of product」

The HC-7039/7039A performs color correction and video clipping of HD-SDI signal input (BTA S-004B, SMPTE292M) and HD-SDI output signals. It compensates for embedded audio in addition to imagery.


●Allows local control without using a remote controller box.
●Capable of storing ten video images and ten audio recordings in memory
●You can expand up to four units by adding image audio compensation boards
●Allows compensation for various images such as gain, setup, clip, and gamma.
●Adjustment to delay images (three frames maximum) is possible.
●Supports AES/EBU audio input with an optional audio board.
●Gain adjustment and phase inversion of audio 1-ch, 2-ch and 5.1ch are supported.
●Allows down-mixing 5.1-ch to 2-ch stereo.
●2-ch stereo can be converted to monaural mixing.
●Allows adjusting audio delay (maximum 300 mill seconds).
●HD-SDI bypass function.