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 DM-3400(4K2K 56inch LCD Monitor)
수량 :

Ultimate natural beauty for 4K D-cinema,
multi-view with HD quality for broadcasting studio and post production house

「Outline of product」
DM-3400 is 56 inches 4K2K monitor corresponding to digital cinema 4K2K format or HD-SDI Multi format. This monitor copes with the 4 input of DVI-D and 4 input of HD-SDI (Dual Link).
In addition, use by various uses is possible because changes such as brightness and color temperature, gamma collection are possible with a wireless remote controller.

Various Display Modes
Ultra High Resolution LCD Panel
High Brightness, High Contrast
A Wide Array of input interfaces
4K2K Format, Multi-Rate Support

Various Display Modes
【Display modes】
1.UP Conversion Mode 1920x1080 image is displayed with up-converted to 3840x2160
2.HD Full Resolution Quad View Mode Synchronized four HD images.
3.4Kx2K Display Modes
- There are four 4Kx2K display modes are available.

【1】SIDE CROPPED (Dot by dot)

【2】FAR RIGHT CROPPED (Dot by dot)

【3】FAR LEFT CROPPED (Dot by dot)

【4】SCALING (Crop top and bottom to keep same aspect as 4096x2160)

Ultra High Resolution LCD Panel
The DM-3400 employs an ultra high resolution (3840x2160) LCD panel,
four times that of HDTV (1920x1080). 8.3million pixels are displayed condensed on to a 56-inch screen, and without the screen-door effect common to fixed pixel displays,
images with a fiuid texture and high resolution are displayed.
LCD Panel Main Specifications
Liquid Cristal Device Display Resolution H;3840 x V;2160
Drive System a-si TFT Active Matrix
Pixel Pitch H;0.108 x V;0.324
Response Time 6.5ms
Viewing Angle Horizontal ; 176? Vertical ; 176?
Brightness 500cd/㎡
Contrast Ratio 1200:1
Surface Coating Low reflective coating (2% and below)


High Brightness, High Contrast
The DM-3400 delivers a high brightness of 500cd/㎡ and a high contrast ratio of 1200:1, so it is possible to see clear image without darkening the surroundings. The DM-3400 displays crisp 4K images in a variety of situations such as production sites including studios, in showrooms, and in meeting rooms.

A Wide Array of input interfaces
The DM-3400 is equipped as standard with HD-SDI x 8 (YUV 4:2:2, RGB 4:4:4) and DVI-I x 4 (for digital signals only) input interfaces. it is also equipped with AES/EBU interface that can output demultiplexed embedded audio.


4K2K Format, Multi-Rate Support
The DM-3400 displays not only ITU-R BT.1769 compliant 3840 x 2160 video dot-by-dot, but also supports the digital cinema global standard "4K"(4090 x 2160) promoted by the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI), which is made up of hollywood film studio members. In addition, it supports multi-rate (60p, 60i, 24p, etc), detect field (frame) frequency and 1/1.001 automatically.


Display Display resolution 3840x2160 (1920x1080 x4ch)
Brightness 500cd/㎡
Contrast 1200:1
HD-SDI:8ch(Dual Link supported)
Interface Color space Bit depth
HD-SDI single Link YPbPr 10bit 1920x1080p59.94i/60i(up-converted to 3840x2160)
HDSDI single Links
YPbPr 10bit 1920x1080(3840x2160)
23.98p/sF 24p/sF 29.97p 30p 50i 59.94i 60i
24p/sF 23.98/sF
HDSDI dual Links
RGB 10bit 1920x1080(3840x2160)
23.98p/sF 24p/sF 29.97p 30p 50i 59.94i 60i
YPbPr 10bit 1920x1080(3840x2160) 50p 59.94p 60p
2048x1080(4096x2160) 24p/sF 23.98p/sF
Four DVI RGB 8bit 1920x1080(3840x2160) 59.94p 60p
Two dual DVI RGB 8bit 1920x1080(3840x2160) 59.94p 60p
AES/EBU audio Output x 3 (HD-SDI embedded audio output)
General specifications
Supply voltage
AC 100~220V
Power consumption
Approx. 500W
Operating temperature range
Operating humidity range
30~80%RH (non-condensing)
1,320(W) x 780(H) x 240(D) mm
Approx. 60 kg