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 DM-3024(Native HD Resolution 24inch LCD Monitor)
수량 :

Real pixel, real color, real black and multi view
Native HD resolution for Broadcasting studio, OB Van and Production House.

「Outline of product」
DM-3024 is high-quality liquid crystal monitors that can be used for monitoring while shooting video in the studio, in OB vans and at location sites.
DM-3024 has a wide range of functions including Brightness, Contrast and Chroma-Level adjustments as well as Marker display. Furthermore the panel employs the new liquid crystal to display full screen hi-vision (16:9) and to offer high-brightness, high-contrast and a wide field of vision.

“minimized video circuit delay time” of under 3msec
24inch native HD 1920x1080 LCD panel
Multi view, splitting display of multi inputs (up to four)
Various adjustment functions
Time code and on screen audio level meter
Extensible input module for multi interface

[See the supporting format as below]

「“minimized video circuit delay time” of under 3msec」

「24inch native HD 1920x1080 LCD panel」
Real pixel by pixel display with Native HD 1920X1080 panel
Colorimetry close to CRT and realistic black
178 degrees horizontal and vertical wide view angle

「Multi view, splitting display of multi inputs (up to four)」
With additional three SDI input modules, four SDI signals can be displayed on the screen as split image. No external splitting equipment is required anymore.


「Various adjustment functions」
Provides brightness, contrast, macro, filter, monochrome, gamma, same-magnification display function and marker display function for fine adjustment


「Time code and on screen Audio level meter」
Time code display makes it possible to control synchronization and edit.
Easy audio check with up to 8 channel embedded audio level meter


「Extensible input module for multi interface」
It is possible to choose from HD/D1-SDI、Dual Link、HD-SDI、Component、composite、AnalogRGB、DVI


Television systems HDTV,SDTV
Input signal HDTV : compliant BTA S-004B to SMPTE 292M,SDI signal
SDTV : compliant SMPTE 259M to SDI Signal
Optional Input modules HD/D1-SDI、Dual Link
Supported signal format

1920×1080(30p/29.97p) 1280×720(25p)
1920×1080(25p) 1280×720(24p/23.98p)
1920×1080(24p/23.98p) 720×487(59.94i)
1920×1080(30sF/29.94sF) 720×487(50i)
※Field frequency of 1/1.001 is sutomatically supported.
LCD panel 24 inch Wide TFT
General specification
Power Voltage
Power consumption
Operating temperature range
0~40℃ (no condensation)
Operating humidity range
30~80%RH (no condensation)
574(W)×384(H)×157(D)mm (excluding projected parts)
approx 12kg